Why Buy From Us

Why Buy From Us


Our Only Source

Dooms Day Inventory selects only the “Best Selling” quality survival related products directly from Amazon.com.  Our product selections are directly from Amazon.com and not Amazon Marketplace (third-party vendor).

Your Benefits?

Amazon.com provides the most “Accurate Inventory Pricing and Stock Level in Realtime” eliminates inaccurate information smaller vendor face.  With it, Dooms Day Inventory update these product offers by Amazon.com to ensure order accuracy and deliverability.  In another word – you get what you order, on the date Amazon.com promised.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Since Dooms Day Inventory is an Amazon Affiliate, you enjoy All the Benefits Amazon.com provides.  From A-z’s Guarantees, Price Match, to easy Return Policy and customer oriented Refund Policy to ensure 100% satisfaction in all your shopping experience with Dooms Day Inventory

Payments and Customer Information Protection

Dooms Day Inventory never collects any credit cards or personal information on our site.  Once you have picked items you like from our site and clicked on check out, you will be re-directed to Amazon.com check out page to enter payment and shipping information to complete your order.


Whenever Amazon.com offers free shipping, Dooms Day Inventory customers will be able to enjoy that saving just like any customers shopping on Amazon.com.  To find out where is the order you’ve placed, you can  check order status, you  can see your shipment in real-time by login into your Amazon account or tracking number.

So Why Dooms Day Inventory

It is always overwhelming when you visit Amazon.com with millions of new and used products from millions of vendors.  Dooms Day Inventory survival gear shopping take all the confusions away.  Think of Dooms Day Inventory as survival gear search engine, our staffs sort through millions of products to only find “Best Selling” quality products from Amazon.com.  Of course these products are holiday and seasonal related depending on availability of Amazon.com real-time in-stock status.  Dooms Day Inventory ensures you always get what you order with quality you expect.

Still Not Convinced?

Contact Us for any of your concerns before you buy, our friendly customer service representatives will be able to assist you immediately.